Order of Battle of Allied Combined Armies

Battle of Austerlitz, December 2d, 1805


This represents a compilation and synthesis of secondary works on the Allied OB for my own notes rather than any real research. It is mainly Goetz with Vasilyev added, but a few additions. Goetz is the most carefully detailed, but there is less disagreement than one might suppose. Duffy and Nafziger are too sketchy, and the others are mostly congruent except in the gray areas of who exactly attached Cossacks would report to, or whether there was any brigade structure in the Advance Guard. These discrepencies are too vague to worry about. Specific disagreements are noted. I have not attempted to sort out the strength figures. Those can be found in Goetz or Bowden, both readily available.


  1. Goetz says Pavlograd Hussars. Follows "Militerra" in the hopes that this represents an evidenced correction.
  2. The others brigade with O'Reilly.
  3. Goetz has these two Cossack regts with Bagration's right flank and with Uvarov respectively, but concedes they may have been detached.
  4. Goetz has 2 squadrons with the 1st Column and 3 with Uvarov. Follows Beskrovny where 2½ are assigned to march columns a few days before battle.
  5. Bowden states the 2d and 3d battalions combined into one musketeer battalion due to prior losses.
  6. The others place Her Majesty's with Bagaration. Some refer to His Majesty's, as found, mistakenly, in Beskrovny.
  7. "Militerra" places with Bagration.
  8. "Militerra" hints at Gizhitsky commanding a brigade, presumably of the two dragoon regts.


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